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Blood & Treasure Recap 07/16/19: Season 1 Episode 10 “The Wages of Vengeance”

Tonight on CBS, Blood & Treasure airs with an all-new Tuesday, July 16, 2019 episode and we now have your Blood & Treasure recap under. On tonight’s Blood & Treasure season 1 episode 10 as per the CBS synopsis, “After nearly capturing Farouk in a sting operation, Danny and Lexi enlist Hardwick to tap into his underworld contacts in hopes of cornering Farouk before he disappears again. Also, Gwen, fed up with Danny and Lexi’s tactics, arrests Father Chuck for aiding them.”

Tonight’s episode of Blood & Treasure appears like it will be nice and you gained’t need to miss it, so make sure to tune in for our reside Blood & Treasure recap at 9:00 PM ET! When you watch for our recap hit the comments and tell us how excited you’re about Blood & Treasure.

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Blood & Treasure begins tonight in Paris, France fifth Arrondissement where Danny McNamara (Matt Barr) and Lexi Vaziri (Sofia Pernas) sneak into some secret tunnels beneath the town. They find an “X” and Danny pulls the wooden off; Lexi tells Danny to stay behind because he is just an outsider but when she isn’t again in half an hour he’s coming to get her.

ROME the police arrive at Father Chuck’s (Mark Gagliardi) house, demanding to know the place Danny McNamara is. He’s handcuffed, taken in for questioning relating to the homicide of Captain Bruno Fabi (Antonio Cupo).

Lexi comes with a peace offering for Alessandro (Julian Richings) and Alina (Maxim Roy), however learns from them that her mom never needed her to be part of this. Alina says she additionally cared about Fabi as he taught her every little thing, simply as Lexi’s mother taught him. Lexi needs to know if her mother is there and is proven the nameplate for Jamila Vaziri (Shiva Negar); realizing she has been visiting an empty grave for the previous 20 years. She is obtainable an apology but her mom was a warrior in a much longer wrestle. Alina explains the story of why they took individuals from all lands and cultures to protect these relics. Lexi learns the Brotherhood was almost destroyed because of the warfare and this is what her mother gave her life for.

1999 in Alexandria Vaziri Vintage Store Courtyard Jamila tells Lexi that she shall be again earlier than she knows it. Jamila promises that sometime she is going to understand why she needed to depart, as her mother reminds her that her father is protective but they are really the protectors; that was the final time Lexi noticed her mother alive.

Back to 2019, Lexi introduces Danny to Alina, revealing that she is a full-blown secret society. Alina is given consent to disclose no matter she wants to inform Lexi. Alina informs them that Chuck has been taken into custody; Danny feels they want to go back to Rome however Lexi believes Chuck can deal with himself. Alina tells Danny concerning the CIA contractors gathering intelligence, hiding in a bunker as his whole family was worn out; after that, he turned radicalized. He’s now often known as Karim Farouk (Oded Fehr). She says they have been monitoring his actual identify but nothing has related the dots; Lexi says they may help join the dots as Danny says he has a contact in Iraqi Intelligence he can ask for assist.

Danny reveals that his contact discovered two individuals survived the bombing, a Nadia Bishara, who was 5 years previous at the time. She disappeared in the course of the firefight. Lexi and Danny consider this might be Farouk’s last dwelling relative. Alina will get onto the computer, saying they will hack into the medical data and if they find Nadia they will attract Farouk; each Danny and Lexi are excited at the prospect of finally catching him.

Chuck continues to be questioned as he says that Lexi has a great heart, identical to Danny so he needs to know what this is actually about. He believes that is robust since she looks like the sort that has every part in military-grade in her life; so the revelation of a secret society may make her question every little thing she believes concerning the world. She says she is 4th era police and was taught to comply with the principles. Chuck says it isn’t Danny and Lexi who’re maintaining her up at night time; she admits that the Italian police are shutting her out. He says there are the laws of God which are about what’s simply and the laws of man that are about what’s legal. The primary one can by no means be broken, not so much concerning the second.

Danny and Lexi are off to seek out Farouk as Alina says she has to stay there, and that is now Lexi’s selection as as to if she needs to hitch the key society and when the time is true Lexi will know what to do.

Danny and Lexi arrive on the hospital, displaying her that Karim Farouk is a needed legal and now she has the prospect to cease him; with one telephone call, saying Nadia has taken a nasty turn and he’s wanted instantly to return. They guarantee her that regardless that Nadia is to be bait, she won’t be harmed. Farouk receives the decision, prepared to danger all of it although they’re so near their objective. He says if something happens to him, his orders are clear and they are to finish the job!

Lexi reassures Danny they will deal with this as the doctor brings out Nadia, which is Farouk’s niece. She leaves her on the grounds, earlier than giving Lexi a very odd nod. Lexi spots a man approaching Nadia but he spots Lexi’s gun as he hugs Nadi and runs back into the hospital; both Danny and Lexi giving chase. Danny shouts to Farouk that it’s over, he raises his arms but gunfire erupts from an approaching automotive. Farouk is upset that he didn’t comply with orders however is advised he can thank him later.

Danny and Lexi study from the doctor that Nadia is okay however upset; as far as she knows her uncle is an effective man and the one household she has. Lexi is furious with herself for not taking the shot; feeling she is smooth and weak as a result of of Danny as she solely thought concerning the little woman who would see her solely family member die proper in front of her. Danny believes they could have a approach to discover Farouk as he dropped his bag. The bag reveals it’s from a area in Cyprus that has been a haven for criminality. Danny says that Farouk rushed here from Cypress and he would wish to get instantly back there to complete his plans. Lexi feels they are fortunate to have a shady antiquities supplier on their aspect.

Paris, Lexi greets Simon Hardwick (James Callis) at their personal jet. He’s dissatisfied this isn’t an extended distance booty name as Danny reveals they consider Farouk is in Cyprus however they need his assist into nailing down the place Farouk is. Lexi stops their bickering, saying this is their greatest probability. Simon needs legitimacy in change for helping them. Lexi doesn’t care the place he stands once they reveal Cleopatra to the world. He explains that he handled pirates, saying the identify of the ship all the time possibilities but when Farouk is in Cyprus he is utilizing the pirates for positive. Danny doesn’t need to convey Simon along but Lexi agrees with him. She doesn’t trust Simon but she trusts his hatred for Farouk; they joke about Arabian Sea Pirates earlier than boarding the aircraft.

Danny calls Gwen Karlsson (Katia Winter), however she tells him that she can’t speak right now, after sneaking into a police protected place. She cuts the tape and enters the room, fiding several papers and information hidden in a violin case. Some policemen strategy the condominium, inflicting Gwen to hide as they demand to know who’s there; but they find nobody nor anything as she is hiding on the ledge outdoors, a number of stories high.

In Cyprus – Port of Famagusta, Danny, Lexi and Simon lurk in the shadows, discovering lots of hearth power. Simon reminds them it is an unlawful port, Danny asks for backup but Simon tells Lexi she shouldn’t trust the Brotherhood, also telling Lexi that if she will get the prospect she must kill Farouk. Simon tells them they are holding much more info than they know and he’ll inform them one other time. Simon walks out into the open, going to talk to the guards, saying he is aware of them from the football recreation, He says he can get them actually good tickets, but Lexi and Danny are capable of subdue them; feeling they make a very good group.

They race by means of the shipyard with their weapons drawn, recognizing Farouk’s wheelman; figuring out Farouk isn’t far behind. They all agree they will not permit Farouk onto the ship; Danny reminds them they are making an attempt to take Farouk alive if attainable. They use the duvet of crates and delivery bins to get closer to Farouk; however Simon knocks over a metallic bar causing gunfire to erupt. Farouk jumps into a forklift whereas Lexi and Danny continue to change hearth with Farouk’s males and the pirates.

Lexi climbs one of the delivery crates whereas Danny walks on the ground. Farouk orders his males to get into the ship when he spots Lexi. A shot rings out and both Lexi and Danny understand Simon killed Farouk. Danny assures Simon that Farouk can’t harm him nor anybody earlier than, helicopters arrive and Simon needs to go away. Lexi tells him to stay put since he needed to be a hero and must be acknowledged as the man who killed probably the most needed terrorist. Simon quietly tells Lexi that there’s more to the Brotherhood than she knows and it has to do together with her father.

Danny and Lexi admire the Sarcophagus as Danny feels that Farouk’s plans didn’t end together with his demise. Lexi thought she would really feel good now that he was lifeless however all she feels is numb. Danny apologizes to Gwen for the best way they left things as she admits she broke into Fabi’s condominium and stole the secret information from his work. She says Father Chuck informed him she might do it as he was investigating a special angle on Farouk and needs to know if Danny will work together with her to seek out out what he was planning. They each feel this is bizarre, promising to work together. Lexi doesn’t know what Fabi was investigating but she is aware of who does and has quite a bit of questions for him.

Lexi returns to the secret society, bringing in a blindfolded Danny, who guarantees he may be discreet, however is in awe of what he sees. Lexi questions Alessandro who admits that Fabi was wanting into the Farouk file she stole however wasn’t able to consider the story she stated and needed to know extra concerning the thriller surrounding her father’s dying. Fabi’s conclusions died with him as Danny is upset that they didn’t work collectively earlier to seize Farouk. Danny takes Alessandro’s aspect, saying that her mother was a direct descendant of the bloodline of Cleopatra, which suggests so is Lexi. She scoffs at him, however Alessandro informs him that her father forbade her to be within the Brotherhood, but hoped she would discover her method on her personal. Her historical past is their historical past and her future is their future!

Lexi shakes her head, utterly reluctant to simply accept that. Danny palms Alessandro the candle and chases after a distraught Lexi. She tells him that place almost destroyed her mother and father marriage and knows she should feel one thing because her mom was one of them. She doesn’t really feel a connection to anybody; the Brotherhood might have given her mom objective however it has solely given her ache. Danny reminds her that she will solely give herself function. She says the one time she has been really comfortable is when she is with Danny.

She leans on him, with him admitting he is pleased usually too. He holds his sore shoulder as she hits it repeatedly. He says his life was high-quality earlier than her, painting contained in the strains however she got here along and dumped all the paint all over the place and by some means it comes out wanting just like the Mona Lisa. They’re just about to kiss when Danny will get a message that they’ve tracked Farouk’s males to Russia. Danny and Lexi are in Russia the place they discover a lifeless scientist, feeling they might have recognized they have been coming there ultimately after the raid. Danny orders to get everyone out of there instantly as he touches a wierd substance on the table.

They need to consider that Farouk’s crew is carrying on together with his plan and now they have a organic weapon.


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